KIW Insurance in Kentucky, Indiana and Texas

We work with businesses and individuals in Kentucky, Indiana, and Texas to design the best insurance and benefits packages for their situations.

We work with you to evaluate how you are using your insurance.  We take into account concerns you have at the given time, and also take a look towards the future to develop a plan to match your goals when suggesting insurance products.  One year a client may need a rich benefits package based on current needs, but the following year may decrease the richness and save money.

That’s planning, and not just purchasing for rates with no plan of how to make the insurance work for them.

We work with all areas of insurance under the life and health umbrella when working with employee benefits and individuals.  We will work with every person to help them make selections to match their needs.

So many times with employee benefits, the employer spends a lot of money and time to implement a benefit package. However, employees don’t understand the products that are offered to them and make selections without all the information.  Even more often, we find even once they have made their  selections, they don’t know how to use the products.

We work hard to make sure your insurance works for you by providing the time and expertise to teach people how to use their insurance…even if they don’t remember we are there as a resource to help them.


KIW Insurance
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